Guide to Assistants in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Guide to Assistants in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Overwhelmed by the number of daily quests and tasks you need to keep track of? Not to worry! Assistants in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love help to keep track of these tasks so you will never miss one. And you know what’s awesome about this? You will be rewarded for completing these daily quests and tasks as well!


Hiring an Assistant

Once you reach base level 20, you will be able to hire an Assistant for free. Go to Prontera and walk all the way north and enter Prontera Palace.

In the Palace, you will see 2 assistants, a female and a male assistant. It does not matter which assistant you choose as there is no difference to what both can do except for gender differences only. You can also switch assistants for a fee later if you decide to.

ragnarok mobile eternal love assistants

Assistants are basically your personal secretaries. There is a list of daily tasks such as Mission Board quests, time rift, monster resistance etc. for you to complete. Click on the Assistant tab on the top right corner to open up the list. You can also hit on “Go” for the tasks that you have not completed and you will automatically run to the corresponding NPC/location for the task.

ragnarok mobile eternal love intimacy

Intimacy Points and Rewards

Remember the rewards you can get for completing tasks? You will gain intimacy points (hearts) for completing daily quests and every 20 points will give you a reward:

205 Adventure MeatballsPet Adventure, Adventure Meatball Shop (where you can get instant clear items for Endless Tower, Mission Board quests, time rifts etc.)
4050 Eden CoinsLucky Shop, Buy Headgear Blueprints from Smile Assistance
601 Big Cat Voucher: Feast (Orange Ticket)Buy Gacha Costume items during costume events (Costs 30 tickets per roll)
8010,000zIn-game currency
1001 Big Cat Voucher I (Blue Ticket)Buy Headgear Gacha items from slot machine in Prontera (Costs 30 tickets per roll)

The assistant intimacy points will reset back to 0/100 every day at 05:00am (GMT +7) so make sure you complete the daily tasks to achieve 100 points and collect all the rewards every day! It is really worth it to collect 100 intimacy points every day as the final reward for 100 points is 1 Big Cat Voucher I (Blue Ticket) which would allow you to buy monthly headgear Gacha items (30 Vouchers per roll) which would normally cost you real money using 88 Big Cat Coins (BCC).

Daily Repeatable Tasks

You can complete these tasks every day easily to count towards your 100 daily intimacy points:

  1. 25 points – 10 Mission Board quests (5 points per 2 board quests completed)
  2. 10 points – 2 Monster Resistance quests (5 points per 1 monster resistance quest completed)
  3. 15 points – 300 minutes of Combat Time/Stamina consumed (5 points per 100 minutes consumed)
  4. 15 points – 5 Time Rifts (5 points for 1/5 rifts, 5 points for 3/5 rifts and 5 points for 5/5 rifts completed)
  5. 5 points – Pet Labor (Claim rewards once from Pet Labor)
  6. 15 Points – Pet Adventure (Send 1 pet to Adventure)
  7. 10 Points – Training Ground (Complete Training Ground once)
  8. 10 Points – Guild Donations (Donate once to Guild)
  9. 10 Points – Listening to Music (Listen to Music for 1 minute)
  10. 10 Points – Eat cooked food once
  11. 15 Points – 1 Kill in Arena Duel

Take note that your daily intimacy points are limited by account. Meaning, the intimacy points earned for all 3 characters per day will count towards the total 100 intimacy points earned.

For example, Listening to Music on all 3 characters for 1 minute will give you a total of 30 points. It is that simple to earn intimacy points! And even more so if you have more than 1 character slot unlocked in your account. Of course, the unlocked characters must have their assistants unlocked as well.

One-Time Achievements

Aside from daily repeatable tasks, the Assistant also gives out valuable rewards for one-time achievements such as upgrading to your 2nd job, doing your first enchantment, catching a pet etc. You may also refer to the Assistant tab for some of the rewards you get from attaining a specific achievement.

How to use Big Cat Voucher: Feast (Orange Ticket)?

These vouchers are used to roll for a Gacha costume. During costume events, a Gacha Slot machine called the Fantasy Generator will appear in Prontera Square for the entire duration of the event. You can then spend 30 Big Cat Voucher: Feast on the Gacha Slot machine for a chance to obtain rare equipment and costumes!

ragnarok mobile eternal love feast gacha location
ragnarok mobile eternal love fantasy generator feast

You can get these vouchers from doing the following:

  1. Complete 60/100 intimacy with Assistant – 1 voucher per day (Repeatable daily)
  2. Complete “Change Haircut” quest – 10 vouchers (One-time achievement)
  3. Complete “Smile Assistant Headwear” quest – 10 vouchers (One-time achievement)

How to use Big Cat Voucher I (Blue Ticket)?

These vouchers are used to roll for a monthly Headgear Gacha. On the 1st of every month, there will be new monthly headgears released in the Headgear Gacha slot machine located in Prontera.

ragnarok mobile eternal love headwear gacha location
ragnarok mobile eternal love headwear gacha

These headgears can only be obtained from the Headgear Gacha slot machine. Some of these monthly headgear have powerful attributes and can be worn by all job classes regardless of level. You are still able to roll for past month’s headgear if you feel that the current month headgear does not suit your character.

Finance Report

The Assistant also provides you with a Finance Report by clicking on the “Finance” tab in the Assistant window.

ragnarok mobile eternal love finance report

The report provides you with the information on items in Exchange which has increased/decreased the most in price and volume in the past 3 or 7 days. If you are good at predicting the in-game economy then you can use this as an advantage to buy or sell items on the Exchange. However, there is an even better Exchange Tracker at which shows you information of any item you can find on the ROM (SEA or Global) Exchange.

That should wrap up all you need to know about Assistants in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love!

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