Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Beginner’s Guide

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the world of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. This guide will teach you how to get started with the game. If you have not played Ragnarok Online (PC Version) or any of the CN or KR servers of Ragnarok Online Mobile before, we have the basics to get you started!


Creating Your First Character

On the login screen, you can choose to login via the following methods:-

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Guest account (Not recommended as your progress will only be saved on your mobile device)

Once you have logged in, you will see 2 slots (on the upper left) and 1 locked slot which will be unlocked once you have transcended to your 3rd job.

ragnarok mobile eternal love create new character

Tapping on New Character (blue bar at bottom right of screen) will bring you to the next screen where you can choose one out of six available job classes. At this point, it does not matter which job class you choose as everyone will start out as a Novice. You can decide later once you complete the first job level quest.

ragnarok mobile eternal love character selection

On the next screen, you will be able to pick your gender, hairstyle, hair colour and enter a name (Chinese or Thai characters are allowed). The headwear selection does not appear on your character so it does not matter which headwear you choose.

ragnarok mobile eternal love character details

Now you’re all set to begin your adventure in the Kingdom of Rune Midgard! You will be spawned to the starting point, Prontera South Field. Follow the in-game tutorial to familiarize yourself with the controls and game mechanics.

Completing quests and grinding (killing of monsters) will give you 2 sets of experience:

  1. Base Experience (Raises your base level, each increment will give you additional stat points which you may add to one or more stats – Strength, Agility, Vitality, Intelligence, Dexterity and Luck)
  2. Job Experience (Raises you job level, each increment will give you one additional skill point which you may add to your skills)

Base Level – Stat Points

There are six stats that you can increase every time your base level increases. Tap your portrait (top right) to open your character information. The second tab is your stat allocation window.

ragnarok mobile eternal love stat window

Let’s summarize the basic description of each stat.

  • Str – Strength. Increases physical attack (of melee characters) and bag slots.
  • Agi – Agility. Increases attack speed and flee (dodge rate).
  • Vit – Vitality. Increases physical defense, maximum HP and HP regeneration rate.
  • Int – Intelligence. Increases magic attack, maximum SP and SP regeneration rate.
  • Dex – Dexterity. Increases ranged physical attack (bow classes), hit rate and reduces casting time.
  • Luk – Luck. Increases critical and critical attack resistance.

Different job classes will require different stat and skill point allocations depending of the build you want to play. You do not have to worry if you add the wrong stat or skill point as there will be stat and skill point reset items given as the game progresses. If you require additional reset items, they can also be obtained from the Event NPC (at a fee of course!).

Job Level – Skill Points

Different job classes will have a variety of skills that you can level up every time your job level increases. Your job level also enables you to upgrade / transcend your job which gives you additional stat bonuses and new skills.

There are 2 types of job skills:-

  • Job Skills – Class specific skills
  • Adv Skills – Adventure skills which can be purchased from the NPC on the northern side of Prontera.
ragnarok mobile eternal love skill tree window

Skill points can be used to level up job skills. Each job is maxed at job level 40 except for Novice which maxes at job level 10. You will have 40 skill points to allocate for each job. Note that you will have to spend all 40 skill points before you can add skill points to the new skills in your next job upgrade. Example, 40 skill points will need to be spent on Swordsman (1st Job) skills before you can begin adding to Knight (2nd Job) skills.

There are 2 rows of skill bars at the bottom:-

  1. Manual Skill Bar – Skills that can be manually activated by tapping on your skill bar.
  2. Auto Skill Bar – Skills that will be automatically used during auto-battle.

If you noticed, there is a lock icon on some slots in both skill bars. These are slots which can be unlocked by purchasing (using Zeny) once you reach a certain Adventure Rank.

Items and Equipment

Items and equipment are automatically stored in your character’s bag. Drops obtained from killing monsters will automatically be added here. Tap the bag icon on the top right hand corner and you will be able to access your items and equipment.

ragnarok mobile eternal love inventory window

Except for equipment which requires 1 slot per equipment, other items can be stacked up to 9999 pieces of each item and will only consume 1 slot. You can increase bag slots by adding Str (5 Str = 1 Bag Slot) or by learning adventure skills which add more bag slots.

There are 12 types of equipment which you can find in ROM:-

  1. Main Hand – Your main weapon (No more two-handed weapons, unlike classic RO).
  2. Off-Hand – Your shield or bracer.
  3. Armor – Your main protective gear.
  4. Cape (Garment) – Protective gear.
  5. Footwear – Protective gear.
  6. Accessories – You can equip 2 different accessories.
  7. Hat – Equipment you see on your character’s head.
  8. Face – Equipment you see on your character’s face.
  9. Mouth – Equipment you see on your character’s mouth.
  10. Back – Equipment for your back.
  11. Tail – Equipment sticking out of your butt.
  12. Mount – Something for you to ride on (Peco Peco).

To check an item or equipment description, simply tap on its icon to view the details. You can see the function of the item, equipment attributes and requirements. If you scroll down further, you will also be able to see the Exchange Price if you decide to sell it in the Exchange.

ragnarok mobile eternal love character equipment

If you noticed, there are light and dark greyed slots on equipment. Those are card slots which you can inlay cards. Equipment with light grey slots do not have sockets but can be socketed while those with dark grey slots are socketed. Different cards can be socketed in different equipment. Cards provide additional attributes or special effects/skills.

This should wrap up some of the vital information for you to get started!

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