Guide to Elements in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Guide to Elements in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

All monsters in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love have a different element. Knowing the element of your target will allow you to significantly increase (by almost 2 times!) your damage output by using the weakness of your target’s element.

It is critical that you make use of this guide to increase your farming and leveling efficiency by using elemental converters and cards.


Elemental Attribute Table

There are a total of 10 elements in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, Wind, Earth, Water, Fire, Neutral, Holy, Shadow, Ghost, Undead and Poison

Note: Undead appears in both ELEMENT and RACE. Do not confuse Undead ELEMENT with RACE as they are not the same! There are cards that affect Undead RACE only. Take note that while all Undead Races are also Undead Element. NOT ALL Undead Element monsters are Undead Race! An example will be Dark Priest which is Undead ELEMENT but Demon RACE.

Now let’s take a look at the elemental attribute table below. The top row represents the monster which you are targeting while the columns represents the attacker (your element). The numbers listed are in percentage, i.e. 50 = half your damage dealt and 200 = double your damage dealt.

Attacker (You)Target (Monster)
Wind Earth Water Fire Neutral Holy Shadow Ghost Undead Poison

To summarize, avoid all the red highlighted cells and aim to use the element of the green highlighted cells to deal the maximum possible damage against the target monster.

How to check the Monster’s Element?

You can check the Monster’s Element in your Adventurer Handbook. You must have taken a photo of the monster before you can unlock the target monster’s details in your Adventurer Handbook.

ragnarok mobile eternal love monster element

Or, it would be much easier if you refer to a monster database at ROGuard.

Once you have determined the monster’s element, aim to use the elemental weakness against the monster’s element from the table above to deal maximum damage!

How to convert attacks into Elemental attack?

By default, all physical attacks dealt by players regardless of melee or ranged physical attacks deal neutral damage. This is assuming that you aren’t using Blacksmith crafted elemental weapon such as Dagger of Fire etc.

Magic attacks have their own elements depending on which skill you use so there is no need to use a converter to convert the attacks.

Melee Classes

For melee attackers such as Knights and Assassins, the following items will convert your weapon to a different element for 15 minutes when used:

ItemElementDrops from

Flame Heart
FireDeniro, Deniro ★ , Metaller, Elder Willow, Horong, Horong ★ , Marduk, Kobold (Hammer), Eddga (MVP)

Mystic Frozen
WaterVadon, Marina, Obeaune, Obeaune ★ , Marc, Marc ★ , Sohee, Sohee ★ , Anolian, Penomena, Stormy Knight (MVP), Hatii (MVP)

Great Nature
EarthWormtail, Mandragora, Goblin(Buckler), Goblin(Buckler) ★ , Andre, Giearth, Muka, Mantis, Ferus, Sting, Stem Worm

Rough Wind
WindHornet, Piere, Hunter Fly, Wind Ghost, Brilight, Cruiser, Cruiser ★ , Mistress (MVP), Gryphon (Mini Boss)

The duration of these items are stackable when the same item is used multiple times. Using an item of a different element will erase the previous element’s effect and the new element will take precedence.

Tips: The element timer duration will countdown as long as you are logged into the game regardless of whether you are in combat or not. Be sure to start grinding once you use the item! The timer duration will pause if you log out.

If for any reason you wish to remove the converted element from your weapon and switch back to Neutral, you can either wait for the duration to wear off or use a monster Transformation Scroll and revert back to human form.

You can obtain elemental converters from monster drops above, pet adventures or simply buying them from the Exchange.

There are currently no converters for the other elements not listed above but certain skills can change your element such as, Priest’s Asperio skill which changes your element to Holy and Assassin’s Enchant Poison skill which changes their own element to Poison.

Ranged Classes

For ranged classes such as Snipers and Stalkers, you can choose to use an elemental converter above or convert them into elemental arrows: Fire Arrow (Fire), Crystal Arrow (Water), Stone Arrow (Earth), Wind Arrow (Wind) and Silver Arrow (Holy).

There is currently no way to obtain Silver Arrows yet so the only way now is to get a Priest to use Asperio to convert your attacks to Holy.

You can convert the elemental stones into the respective elemental arrows at 2 NPCs in Payon.

ragnarok mobile eternal love elemental arrow npc

Archer NPC converts 1 stone to 1,000 elemental arrows. Sniper NPC converts 10 stones to 10,000 elemental arrows.

Tip: For grinding purposes, it will be much more cost effective to use elemental converters instead of elemental arrows since you will easily consume more than 1,000 arrows in 15 mins. Elemental arrows will be very useful for Boss Hunts, Endless Tower and Valhalla Ruins since you can switch to any elemental arrow at any time depending on the monster you are targeting.

Magic Classes

For Mage/Wizard classes, different skills will have different elements so there is no need for converters.

The colour of the skill icon will determine the element type:-

  1. Green – Wind
  2. Brown – Earth
  3. Red – Fire
  4. Blue – Water

Cards that increase Elemental Damage

One way to deal more damage is to use cards that increase damage to a specific element. These cards will further increase the damage on top of using elemental converters or elemental arrows. The following cards provide additional damage to a specific element:

CardCard Inlay Stat BonusUnlock / Deposit Stat Bonus

Orc Skeleton Card
Damage to Holy Monsters +20%Deposit Reward: Damage to Holy Monster +5%
Unlock Reward: Max HP +24

Drainliar Card
Damage to Water Monsters +20%Deposit Reward: Damage to Water Monsters +5%
Unlock Reward: M.Atk +6

Menblatt Card
Damage to Earth Monsters +20%Deposit Reward: Dmg to Earth Monsters +5%
Unlock Reward: M.Def +4

Mandragora Flower Card
Damage to Wind Monsters +20%Deposit Reward: Damage to Wind Monster +5%
Unlock Reward: Damage to Wind Monster +2%

Vadon Card
Damage to Fire Monsters +15%Deposit Reward: Damage to Fire Monster +5%
Unlock Reward: Damage to Fire Monster +2%

The cards above are the main weapon cards that increase damage significantly. There are other off-hand and accessory cards that also deal additional damage to a specific element.

You may refer to the card database at ROGuard for more information.

Cards that convert Armor into a Specific Element

Cards can also be inlayed into Armor to convert your armor into a specific element. By doing so, you will receive both the strengths and weaknesses of that element. This is especially useful during PvP and WoE. The following list of cards can be used to change the elemental type of your armor:

CardElement TypeCard Inlay Stat Bonus

Angeling Card
HolyTurn the armor's element into Holy

Ghostring Card
GhostTurn the Armor's element into Ghost
HP Regen -50%

Argiope Card
PoisonTurn the Armor's element into Poison
DEF +20

Dokebi Card
WindTurn the armor’s element into Wind

Evil Druid Card
UndeadTurn the Armor’s Element into Undead
INT +4

Pasana Card
FireTurn the Armor’s Element into Fire

Bathory Card
ShadowTurn the Armor’s Element into Dark

Sandman Card
EarthTurn the Armor’s Element into Earth

Swordfish Card
WaterTurn the Armor’s Element into Water


It is tedious to collect and switch elemental cards into weapons and armors but damage can be significantly increased or reduced if you are equipped with the knowledge of elements. Choosing the right element for farming (PvM) or PvP/WoE will give you an edge even against monsters and players of a higher level than you.

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