Guide to Stamina in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Guide to Stamina in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

The Stamina System (a.k.a Combat Time or Fatigue) is a new feature in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. It may be a confusing feature for beginners. This guide will help to clear things out!



The Stamina System is added to the game in order to prevent players from abusing the auto-attack functionality. Auto-attack allows players to AFK farm (Yes! You can now bot legally!). The Stamina System prevents players from using auto-attack to AFK farm 24/7 and progress to end game as soon as possible.

  1. You will receive 300 mins (5 hours) of Stamina at 5:00am (GMT +7) every day (SEA Server).
  2. Attacking monsters will consume stamina.
  3. When you consume all your stamina, EXP and drop rates will be reduced. There are 3 levels of stamina:
    • Green Stamina (Example, 50/300) – Max Stamina not consumed yet. Killing monsters will yield normal experience and drop rates.
    • Orange Stamina (Example, 320/300) – Max Stamina consumed. Killing monsters will yield lower experience and drop rates. The rates will be gradually reduced until you reach Red Stamina
    • Red Stamina (Example, 480/300) – After 180 mins (3 hours) of exceeding Max Stamina. Killing monsters will yield significantly lower experience and drop rates.
  4. If you do not use up your stamina for the day, it will be carried forward to the next day but the maximum amount of stamina you can accumulate is 900 mins. Be sure to consume your stamina before it hits 900 mins!
  5. Using the item Lightning Chain will speed up your EXP gain and drop rate by 2x for 60 mins but your stamina will also be consumed at 2x rate. This is useful if you do not have the time to play and want to consume your stamina ASAP.
  6. If you are in a party after consuming all stamina, only you will be bound by the rules of reduction and your party members will not be affected.
  7. If your party members fight, the stamina will be shared with all party members in the same map.

You can see your remaining stamina by tapping on More > Settings (top right corner).

ragnarok mobile eternal love stamina window

How to spend your Stamina efficiently?

The most efficient way to spend your stamina is to auto-grind during the day while you are at school or work. Only use your precious stamina for leveling your character or farming for materials.

Once all your stamina has been consumed, do quests (story quests, mission board etc.), monster resistance, training grounds, rifts etc. If you do not have time to play the game then it is perfectly fine how you wish to use your stamina.

One important tip is the use of the item Lightning Chain. Lightning Chain allows you to efficiently use your food or stat boost items!

Tip: Lightning Chain only works during green Stamina

With Lightning Chain, using 2x Str Meal B (Duration: 60 mins). You will get an equivalent experience and loot drop for a combat time of 120 mins.

Without Lightning Chain, you will need 4x Str Meal B (Duration: 120 mins) to achieve the same experience and loot drop for a combat time of 120 mins.

Using Lightning Chain not only saves time, it also effectively saves you 50,000z for 2x Str Meal B!

The usage of Lightning Chain is limited to 7 chains per week. There is an option for unlimited usage of Lightning Chain but you will have to pay for Monthly Premium. (Noooo.. I have to spend real money!?)

Not to worry! Monthly Premium can also be bought using Zeny from the Exchange (YAY!).

How to increase Stamina?

Aside from the 300 stamina given per day, you can replenish up to 60 mins of stamina per day by listening to music. Go to the Music Box at Prontera South Field and all you need to do is leave your character there for 60 mins to listen to music played by the Music Box.

Music CDs can be bought from the “Event Items” NPC at Prontera for 10,000 zeny each or obtained from MVP drops. You can play these Music CDs on the Music Box in Prontera South Field. You can also listen to other players’ CD if they are playing as well. You can check by tapping on the Music Box itself.

Every 1 min of listening to music will replenish 1 min of stamina up to a maximum of 60 mins. You can just leave your character AFK beside the Music Box while you continuing doing stuff in real life.

Tip: Most of the Channel 1’s will usually have the most number of players so it would be a good idea to switch to any of the Channel 1’s as music will be playing almost 24/7.

You can also check how many minutes of music you have listened to by going to More > Settings menu.

ragnarok mobile eternal love check stamina
ragnarok mobile eternal love stamina icon

There will also be an icon indicating that stamina is being replenished while listening to music. Once you reach 60 mins, the icon will disappear as stamina is no longer being replenished.

A mentor who holds a valid Premium can also earn 30% of the effective combat duration from different students, up to a maximum of 120 mins per day. The mentor will have to be on the same map and near the student in order to earn stamina.

What to do after you run out of Stamina?

There are still tasks you can do once you run out of stamina:

  1. Story Quests
  2. Training Grounds
  3. Mission Board
  4. Time Rifts
  5. Taking pictures for your Adventure Handbook
  6. Endless Tower
  7. Valhalla Ruins
  8. Boss Hunts (Minis / MVPs)
  9. Or just talking to your friends and guild mates!

Check out the full list of things to do at our Daily & Weekly Routine guide.

Also, take note that you will still receive significant experience and loot at orange stamina even though there is a reduction. I usually stop grinding once I hit red stamina.


Remember to spend your Stamina wisely and use it for grinding and farming. And always use lightning chains during green stamina as it will double your experience and loot earned.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions!

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