Pet Labor Guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Pet Labor Guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Pet Labor is a feature in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love that allows you to level up and get items without doing anything! The best thing about Pet Labor is that it allows you to gain millions of EXP by doing absolutely nothing! This guide will teach you how to send your pets to Pet Labor.


How to unlock Labor Traveling Machine?

Requirements: Reach Base Level 30

Once you reach base level 30, talk to the Pet NPC in Prontera South (just next to Music Box). The Pet NPC will teleport you to the Pet Training Grounds where you will be guided to catch your first pet, a Poring! Once you catch the Poring, give it a name and hatch it.

Finish all the quests and you should get your Pet Adventure Guide and Labor Traveling Machine.

How to use the Labor Traveling Machine?

Requirements: Pet Level 45 and Pet Intimacy Level 5

To use the Labor Traveling Machine, you and your pet needs to be base level 45 (your pet will level up to match your level but will never exceed your base level). Your pet should also have Intimacy Level 5. In order to gain intimacy levels, you can do either of the following:

  1. Hatch your pet and let him follow you around
  2. “Pet” your pet
  3. Feed your pet cooked food
  4. Feed your pet his taming item (Limited to 10 times per day)

Feeding your pet his taming item allows him to gain intimacy the fastest. You can buy his taming item using Colorful Shells from the Pet Material NPC or in the Exchange.

ragnarok mobile eternal love pet material shop

Once your pet reaches Base Level 45 and Pet Intimacy Level 5, put your pet back into egg status by tapping his icon and tapping “Rest”. He will return to his egg form and be ready to work for you!

Open your Labor Traveling Machine and tap on the workplace that you wish to put him in. You can only send your pet to work at workplaces with the “+” icon (Item Shop for now). More shops can be unlocked once you meet a specific requirement. Select your pet on the left and press “Start”. Your pet will start working and a countdown timer will start! Just leave it for a few hours and you will be able to reap the rewards. Your pet will continue to work even if you are offline so you can do stuff in real life and check back later.

You will be able to check your reward frequency from the Pet Labor window.

ragnarok mobile eternal love pet labor window

In the screenshot above, the Frequency reads: Earn reward [27/14] every 95 minutes. The translation of this is currently wrong and what it really means is:

  • 27 – You will earn 1 reward every 27 minutes (This may change depending on your workplace, pet intimacy and level)
  • 14 – Your pet has earned you 14 rewards today
  • 95 – The maximum number of rewards you can accumulate for this shop is 95. Once you accumulate 95 rewards, you will see a “Zz” icon on the workplace. Your pet will no longer give you rewards until you collect them.

After a few hours you should be able to collect your rewards. All you need to do is click on the speech bubble icon on each shop to collect them!

At the beginning, you can only send a maximum of 2 pets to work (limited by account). Pet skills, intimacy levels and base levels will affect working efficiency. The higher the working efficiency, the lesser time will be required for the pet to finish work and obtain gifts.

How to increase pet workplace limit?

These are the requirements needed to increase the pet workplace limit:

  1. Activate Monthly Premium (Buy it or you can head to the Exchange to buy them using zeny).
  2. Reach Adventurer Rank D – Learn the “Accomplished Worker” skill.
  3. Reach Adventurer Rank B – Learn the “Master Worker” skill.

Completing each of the above will add 1 to the active workplace limit. You can send a total of 5 pets to different workplaces at a time after unlocking the requirements.

How to unlock more Pet Workplaces?

WorkplaceUnlock RequirementRewardRecommended Pet
Cooking CenterPet Level 70

Character Base Level 70
Receive 1 Adventure Meatball every 30 mins.Poring, Green Petite, Cruiser
Item ShopPet Level 45Receive 1 Gift Box every 50 mins.

Gift Box contain Emperium, Lightning Chain, normal materials etc.
Kafra Co.Pet Level 45

Activate Monthly Premium
Receive 1 Gift Box every 60 mins.

Gift Box contain B Cat Coupon, Storage/Teleport Coupon, Crafting Materials etc.
Yoyo, Baphomet Jr., Black Witch
Pet AssociationPet Level 50

Capture 5 different pets (Unlock in Adventurer Handbook)
Receive 1 Gift Box every 60 mins.

Gift Box contain Colorful Shells, Pet Exp Potions
Desert Wolf Baby, Deviruchi, Teddy Bear
Cuisine AssociationPet Level 55

Reach Cooking Level 6
Receive 1 Gift Box every 35 mins.

Gift Box contain any Star Food and Cooking Materials)
Mandragora Seed
Smile AssistanceCraft 5 different headgears (Unlock in Adventurer Handbook)Receive 1 Eden Coin every 40 mins.Isis
GuildPet Level 60

Reach Adventurer Rank C
Receive 1 Gift Box every 45 mins.

Gift Box contain Guild Contribution Points and Honor Proof
ArenaPet Level 70

Reach Adventurer Rank D
Receive 2 Fighter Coins every 35 mins.Savage Babe

That sums up the guide for Pet Labor. Let us know in the comments below if you have anymore questions!

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  1. Just found this and likely the best version of the guide I’ve seen, any chance of updating suggested pets with EP4 pets?

    1. Thank you for your feedback! We have updated the suggested pets to include EP4 pets. 🙂

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