Socketing, Upgrading, Enhancing, Refining and Enchanting Guide

Socketing, Upgrading, Enhancing, Refining and Enchanting Guide

It may be important to level up quickly in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love but being well-equipped should always be your top priority. A well-equipped player will easily beat another player of a higher level if the latter does not have decent equipment.

Do you know the differences between socketing, upgrading, enhancing, refining and enchanting?
Do you know which should you do first?

If not, then this is the guide for you!

In this guide, we will explain how you can power up your equipment through 5 different methods and how you should go about doing them.



  1. Enchancing – Using zeny to enhance your equipment up to your current level.
  2. Refining – Refining using zeny, elunium/oridecon. Adds a “+1” to your equipment and the number increases depending on the number of successful refines.
  3. Enchanting – Requires mora coins and zeny. Enchanting gives a random set of bonuses to the equipment.
  4. Upgrading – Using zeny and specific materials to upgrade a specific equipment to a higher tier. Adds a roman numerical “I”, “II” etc. to your equipment.
  5. Socketing – Using zeny and copies of the same equipment to add a card socket to a specific equipment. Once socketed, a card can be inlayed into the equipment to gain the card bonus.


Requirements: Zeny
Location: Inventory Window

Enhancing is the easiest way to “enhance” the effect of your equipment. Enhancing increases the basic stat of your equipment. For example, enhancing your Bow increases the ATK, Staff increases MATK, Armor increases DEF etc. You can access the window anywhere by opening your bag:

ragnarok mobile eternal love enhancing

An equipment can only be enhanced up to your level. If you are level 60, you can only enhance your equipment up to level 60. Once you hit level 61, you will be able to enhance your equipment an additional time to 61.

Enhancing the equipment is as simple as opening your inventory and selecting the equipment you wish to enhance then tap on enhance. The cost of enhancing is displayed above the Enhance button and will increase each time you increase the enhancement level of your equipment.

You should always enhance your equipment if you have the zeny to do it as it is the easiest way to increase your equipment stat. In addition, enhancements done to your equipment is transferrable. You can choose to pass on the enhancement to another equipment (of the same type). Once you choose to equip the item, a window will prompt and asks if you wish to inherit the Enhancement of the item currently equipped.

If you equip a lower level equipment, the difference in enhancement costs will be refunded back to you. If you equip a higher-level equipment, the enhancement level will be lowered as you require more zeny to enhance the equipment to your current level.

Tip: If you wish to share equipment to your alt character, the enhancement will need to be removed. You can remove the enhancement from “Pyrolising Stoves” next to Hollgrehenn in Prontera/Al De Baran.


Requirements: Oridecon/Elunium and Zeny for Normal Refine. Copies of the same equipment is required for Safe Refine. Refining above +10 will require Enriched Oridecon and Enriched Elunium
Location: Hollgrehenn in Prontera/Al De Baran

Refining an equipment adds a “+1” to your equipment and gives your equipment a “Refined” Stat. Weapons give a Refined ATK or MATK. Refined ATK is different from Normal ATK. Refined ATK ignores enemies DEF and is pure damage added to the end of the final damage formula. Refined Armors can reduce the damage dealt by Refined ATK.

ragnarok mobile eternal love refining

Refining equipment requires Oridecon or Elunium and Zeny. To refine your equipment simply visit Hollgrehenn in either Prontera or Al De Baran. There will be 2 options “Normal” and “Safe”. For the first 4 levels, refining success rate is 100% so it doesn’t matter which option you choose. Going higher than “+4” may cause your refining to fail if you continue with “Normal” refine. You can still choose to gamble and continue with “Normal” refine or choose “Safe” refine which costs a lot more and require multiple copies of the same equipment you are refining.

If your refine fails, your equipment will drop 1 refine level. A second failure will break your equipment. Breaking your equipment will still allow you to equip and use the item but you will not be able to refine it further until you repair it. Repairing a broken equipment requires a copy of the same equipment.

ragnarok mobile eternal love repair broken

Tip: You can use broken equipment to repair another broken equipment. This will save you some zeny since broken equipment is cheaper on the Exchange. The only downside is you will probably need to try a few times since broken equipment goes on snapping period automatically and there are many others trying to get it as well.


Requirements: Zeny and/or Mora Coins
Location: Cat Friend NPC at Geffen 12 O’Clock

Enchanting gives your equipment a random set of bonuses. These bonuses are entirely random so it depends largely on luck.

There are 3 types of Enchantments you can do at the Cat NPC after unlocking the individual quests:

  • Basic Enchantment
  • Intermediate Enchantment
  • Advanced Enchantment

Basic Enchantment enchantment is the cheapest which costs 5,000 zeny but the stats it gives are not really worth mentioning. On the other hand, Advanced Enchantment costs 20,000 zeny and Mora Coins which gives you really decent stats and if you are really lucky, there is a chance of unlocking a 4th enchant!

There are a few ways you can obtain Mora Coins:

  1. Exchanging using Friendship Tokens (10 Tokens for 1 Mora Coin) from Friendship Shop
  2. Exchanging using Mentor Medals (15 Medals for 1 Mora Coin limited to 5 per day) from Mentor Shop
  3. Buy from Event NPC at Prontera at 50,000 zeny per piece
  4. Buying from event shops (e.g. Galaxy Shop using Ultraman Cosmic Breath during Ultraman x Ragnarok M event)

It is recommended that you go for the first 2 options since they are free especially Friendship Tokens which you can get easily from helping friends clear quests or rifts.

After selecting an enchantment and the item to be enchanted, the cost will be displayed.

ragnarok mobile eternal love enchanting

Tapping on the “i” icon will show the stats that may be applied once you enchant the item. The numbers and stats are totally random so if you are not satisfied with your first enchantment, you can continue enchanting again and again until you are satisfied or until you run out of zeny or mora coins. You may see a poring icon (pink or blue) on the enchanted stat. Pink will mean an overpowered stat while blue means an underpowered stat.

ragnarok mobile eternal love enchantment stats

Once you are satisfied with an enchantment, you may click on Save Attribute to save the enchanted stats.

The stats will be applied to your equipment and you will see it under “Enchanted Attribute” in your equipment description window.

ragnarok mobile eternal love enchanted attributes

Enchantments are not exactly the cheapest way to get stats on your equipment but that being said, if you get really lucky and manage to get a 4th enchant using advanced enchantment. The 4th enchant stat can really boost your stats and increase the selling price of the equipment by a few times on the Exchange.

On a side note, the Cat Friend NPC is also infamously known as the “Scam Cat” as people have spent countless amount of zeny and mora coins and not gotten a single 4th enchant on their equipment. Or, they get a 4th enchant that is a mismatch. For example, the Sharp Blade enchant which increases Melee Atk on a Staff which main stat is MAtk. Enchantment is really all about luck!


Requirements: Specific materials and Zeny
Location: Inventoy Window

Upgrading is an equipment specific power up and requires specific materials for each tier. However, not all equipment can be upgraded. Upgradeable equipment will have a red arrow pointing up icon located next to the equipment photo.

ragnarok mobile eternal love upgrading

There are multiple tiers to upgrade and each tier gives you specific bonuses which you can check via the equipment description. The items required for the upgrade will be shown once you click the red arrow to upgrade. You can either farm for the materials required or spend zeny to buy the materials directly from the Exchange and upgrade the equipment.

Take note that upgrading an equipment to End Tier changes the item to a powerful new item but the following will be affected:

  • Refinement level will reduce by 2 (e.g. +10 Cross Bow will become +8 Mystery Bow when upgraded)
  • If you have socketed the equipment before, the card slot will be reduced by 1 (e.g. Cross Bow[2] will become Mystery Bow[1], Tights[1] will become Ranger Clothes[0])
  • If you have not socketed the equipment, the default slot will still remain (e.g. Cross Bow[1] will become Mystery Bow[1], Tights[0] will become Ranger Clothes[0])
  • Enchantments will remain unchanged

Tips: It is not recommended to upgrade to End Tier until you have enough zeny to socket the End Tier equipment. For example, a socketed Cross Bow[2] will easily do more damage with the 2 cards as compared to a Mystery Bow[1] with only 1 card.


Requirements: 10 copies of the same equipment (Total 11 of the same equipment including the equipment you need to add a socket on) and zeny
Location: Geffen (Weapon, Off-hand and Armor), Morroc (Footgear and Garment) and Payon (Accessory)

Socketing as the name suggests adds an additional slot in your equipment. It indirectly powers up your equipment as you can inlay an additional card. This is especially useful for weapons where you can inlay size, race or elemental damage cards into your weapon to greatly increase your damage output. All equipment that can be socketed will have a greyed-out icon with dotted borders:

Socketing the item is as simple as obtaining 10 copies of the same equipment and bringing them to the respective NPCs to add a socket. Once socketed, the item will have a dark grey slot which indicates an empty slot that you can use to inlay a card.

Socketing only adds an additional card slot onto your equipment. All refinements, enchantments, enhancements and upgrades will remain unchanged.

So here comes the golden question. Which of the above should we do first?

Enhancing and Enchanting should always be done first. Enhancing can be done anywhere at anytime as long as you have zeny. Enchanting attributes will always remain on your equipment and it is relatively cheap to do a couple of enchantments to get a few good stats.

Upgrading is next. You can choose to upgrade all the way to End Tier or Tier III (1 tier before End Tier), The reason for stopping at Tier III is because most End Tier equipment is really expensive and it is much cheaper to safe refine and socket equipment that is of a lower tier.

Tip: You can choose to refine (up to +10) and socket Tier III equipment and use them for grinding/farming first especially for weapons (a 2-slot Tier III weapon with the right cards will do more damage than a 1-slot End Tier weapon) while saving up to socket End Tier equipment.

Refining (Up to +10) and Socketing should be done last.


That sums up this guide on the 5 ways of powering up your equipment! Always remember that a low level character with powered up equipment will easily beat a high level character without powered up equipment. So, remember to power up your equipment whenever you can!

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions!

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