Daily & Weekly Routine for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Daily & Weekly Routine for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

There are so many game features and things to do in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love and you may get overwhelmed when starting out. For players who do not have enough time to complete all daily or weekly tasks, you can also use this guide to pick those most important to you and complete them.

In this guide, we list out the essential daily and weekly activities so that you do not miss out on the rewards and daily item limits (that you can buy). The guide is not listed in chronological order so go ahead and do it in any way that fits your play style.

You can also refer to a summarized version of the Daily Tasks here.


Daily Tasks

1. Listen to South Prontera Music Box for 60 mins

LocationSouth Prontera Music Box or in Guild Hall Lower Right Room
RequirementsCD needs to be playing in the Music Box
RewardsExtra 60 mins of Stamina (Combat Time)
Suggestions / TipsI suggest to do this in the morning while you are preparing for work or school. Go to any of the the Channel “1”, i.e. EN1, PH1, TH1 etc. and leave your character AFK at the music box for 60 mins.

2. Check / Claim Pet Labor Rewards

LocationLabor Traveling Machine (In your inventory)
RequirementsLevel 45
RewardsRewards depend on the Pet Labor Location you send your pet to. EXP Potions, Adventure Meatballs, Eden Coins etc.
Suggestions / TipsPrioritize Cooking Center, Item Shop and Kafra Co. (Premium Only).

3. Get Daily Warm Meal + Premium B Food

LocationFood Merchant NPC in any Town
RewardsFree Warm Meal
Free B Food or Hot Meal (Premium Only)
Purchase second B Food or Hot Meal at 50% off (Premium Only)
Suggestions / TipsCollect the free Warm Meal. You do not have to buy the second one when the Kafra lady offers you.
Remember to eat the B Food only if you decide to farm right after as the free B Food will be consumed on the spot and the countdown timer will start.

4. Harvest Adventure Meatballs from Pets

LocationYour Pet
RequirementsA gift box speech bubble will appear above your pet
Rewards20pcs of Adventure Meatball
40pcs of Adventure Meatball (Premium Only)
Suggestions / TipsTap on the giftbox multiple times to receive the Adventure Meatballs. If you do not receive the maximum meatballs (20 or 40pcs) that means you need to spend more time with your pet.

5. Do Daily Mission Board Quest x10

LocationMission Board in any Town
RequirementsLevel 15
RewardsBase/Job EXP, Zeny, Silver Medals, Lightning Chain etc.
Suggestions / TipsIf you do not have time to manually complete the missions, you can buy Mercernary’s Mission (Costs 3 – 5 Meatballs) from the Meatball Shop to clear the missions instantly. This is limited to 10 per account so make sure you use it on your main character!

6. Do Training Grounds x1

LocationChars Bont NPC in Prontera
RequirementsIn a Party (For manual clear)
RewardsSilver Medal and Eden Coins
Suggestions / TipsYou have to be in a party if you wish to clear Training Grounds manually. If not, you can buy Training Ground Report (Costs 5 Meatballs) from the Meatball Shop and use it to clear Training Ground instantly.

7. Do Daily Rifts / Crack x5

LocationRift Monitor NPC in Prontera
RequirementsIn a Party
RewardsBase/Job EXP, Zeny, Rare Accessories and Materials
Suggestions / TipsBuy Purification Holy Grails from the Meatball Shop to clear the time rifts instantly. You can go to more populated channels and join time rift parties. This will cost you only 1 Purification Holy Grail if each of the 5 members use 1 each to clear the time rift.

8. Do Monster Resistance Quests x2

LocationMonster Resistance NPC in any Town
RequirementsLevel 22
Rewards10x Base/Job EXP for a limited amount of EXP (Varies per level)
1 Silver Medal per quest
Suggestions / TipsYou do not need to follow the recommended area where the quests points to. You can clear the quest during green stamina or when your stamina runs out but I personally prefer to clear it after it runs out as the monster I am farming may not be the one I want to target for optimum experience gain.

9. 360 mins auto stamina farm (480 mins with mentor system)

LocationAny Map
RewardsBase/Job Exp, Zeny and Loots
Suggestions / TipsPrioritize farming of materials over gaining of levels. Check the Exchange for materials which sell well and farm for them. Remember to use foods, lightning chains and choose mobs which spawn quickly in groups that you can 1 or 2-hit.

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10. Finish 100/100 Assistant Quest/Hearts

LocationAny Map
RewardsAdventure Meatballs, Eden Coins, Zeny, Big Cat Voucher: Feast & Big Cat Voucher I
Suggestions / TipsComplete the other daily tasks and you will complete this automatically. Just remember to collect your rewards before the next day!

Full Guide: Assistant Guide

11. Donate to Guild for Gold Medals and Contributions

LocationGuild Manager NPC in Guild Hall
RequirementsJoin a Guild
RewardsGold Medals, Guild Contributions and Zeny
Suggestions / TipsDepending on your budget, you should always donate at least once for every new Gold Medal material (unless it’s a biotite, time twister or key of clock tower). You can choose to donate more if you have zeny to spare until the item disappears from the order list. I typically cap my donations at 200k for 1 gold medal and 30k for 60 contributions. Donating will also give you belief tokens which you can use for guild blessing.

12. Do Daily Guild Quest with Guildmates

LocationGuild Hall
RequirementsAccept and complete the Guild Quests with Guildmates
RewardsGold Medals, Guild Contributions and Zeny
Suggestions / TipsDepending on your budget, you should always donate at least once for every new Gold Medal material (unless it’s a biotite, time twister or key of clock tower). You can choose to donate more if you have zeny to spare until the item disappears from the order list. I typically cap my donations at 200k for 1 gold medal and 30k for 60 contributions. The gold medals and contributions can be used for activating runes in your Aeisr Monument which are essential to boost your character’s stats and skills. Donating will also give you belief tokens which you can use for guild blessing.

13. Buy daily x1/x2/x3 Peak Shards from guild

LocationIncredible Vending Machine at Guild Hall
RequirementsYour guild needs to have the Facility Hall unlocked
RewardsPeak Shards
Suggestions / TipsYou should buy this daily as soon as you can. If your guild does not have this facility then either wait or switch to a bigger guild. You can buy up to 3 Peak Shards daily using 20 Silver Medals, 20 Nibelungen Shards and 2 Gold Medals. Peak Shards are essential for job breakthrough once you hit Job Level 40/40 on transcended class. Every 9 Peak Shards will raise your max job level by 3 up to maximum Job Level 70.

14. Buy Limited Cooking Materials & Eagle’s Eye x5

LocationRare Ingredient NPC and Material Shop NPC in Royal Cuisine Association
RewardsChef’s Eagle Eye and Rare Cooking Ingredients
Suggestions / TipsBuy 5x Chef’s Eagle Eye from Material Shop NPC and all the rare ingredients from the Rare Ingredient NPC in Royal Cuisine Association. Chef’s Eagle Eye will allow you to collect common and rare ingredients from specific mobs. Rare ingredients are required to cook higher level foods.

15. Do Daily Cooking Association Quests

LocationRoyal Cuisine Association at Prontera
RewardsCooking Exp and Rare Ingredients
Suggestions / TipsYou can do this daily once per character. If you have 2 alts + main, you can do this 3 times daily. This helps you increase your cooking level faster which increases the chances of successfully cooking higher level foods.

16. Buy Materials in Lucky Shop using Eden Coin

LocationLucky Shop at any Town
RequirementsEden Coins
Suggestions / TipsBuy rare materials such as Zircon and materials which sell well on the Exchange or materials which you may not be able to farm anymore due to level gap penatly such as Memento, Hard Skin, Scell etc.

17. Look for and Buy Materials in Greedy Shop

LocationToy Factory 1F
RequirementsEdelweiss and Zeny
RewardsRare materials
Suggestions / TipsGreedy Shop will appear and stays in place for 2 hours after certain monsters in the Toy Factory are killed per channel. Do not bother to look for the Greedy Shop if you are low level as you will most likely be killed as the monsters in Toy Factory are all above level 100. The most sought after items in the Greedy Shop are biotite, time twister and key of clock tower. Other rare boss materials can also be bought with 20k zeny and 40 – 60 Edelweiss. Edelweiss can be farmed in Toy Factory or by completing Daily Gingerbread City Quests (Lv. 90 required).

18. Buy Mora Coins using Mentor Medals x5

LocationMentor Shop in Prontera
RequirementsLevel 85 and must be a Mentor
RewardsMora Coins
Suggestions / TipsYou can buy Mora Coins using Mentor Medals earned from students (Limited to 5 coins per day). There are other stuff to buy but Mora Coins are what you should focus on as you can use them for equipment enchantments.

19. Buy Meatball Materials (Devil Wing, Clock etc..)

LocationMeatball Shop
RequirementsOpen Meatball Shop
RewardsBlack Wing, Clock, Snowman
Suggestions / TipsYou can buy Devil Wing, Clock and Snowman (Limited to 10pcs each per day). These materials are used to craft rare end-game equipment such as Devil Wing Back Equipment. These items can also be farmed elsewhere so I do not really recommend getting them from the meatball shop unless you have meatballs to spare or if you wish to rush crafting of the equipment.

20. Daily Arena Kill

LocationArena (More > Arena)
RequirementsArena Unlocked
RewardsFighter Coins
Suggestions / TipsKill 1 person daily to clear Assistant Daily Quests. Or you can max out daily Fighter Coins (300 coins) up to 1,000 coins per week. The fighter coins can be used to purchase a variety of PVP items from the Arena Quartermaster. Note that the items also cost Silver Medals.

21. Snap broken equipment on Exchange

LocationExchange NPC at any Town
RewardsBroken Equipment
Suggestions / TipsIf you have extra zeny to spare, snap broken equipment from the Exchange. Broken equipment can be used to repair broken equipment (from refining) or used for safe refining. They are generally a lot cheaper than using normal equipment. There is no guarantee that you will be able to get the equipment but there is also no risk of losing your zeny since it will be reimbursed to you if you do not manage to snap the item. So, snap as many as you can and pray that RNGsus shines on you.

22. Gingerbread City Daily quest (Lv. 90 required)

LocationGingerbread City, Toy Factory 1F and 2F
RequirementsLevel 90
RewardsChristmas Chest (Miracle, Precious, Elegant and Normal)
Suggestions / TipsComplete 3 quests each at Gingerbread City, Toy Factory 1F and Toy Factory 2F daily to receive 3 Christmas Chests (Rarity of the chest received is random). The chests have a random chance to give you Edelweiss, Toy Factory Materials (mini and MVP drops too!) and rare blueprints.

Weekly Tasks

1. Endless Tower Run (Up to Floor 90)

LocationKaroo NPC (Izlude) and teleport to “Origin of Tower”
RequirementsLevel 52
RewardsLoots from all normal and boss monsters you kill and if you are lucky enough Mini and MVP cards!
Suggestions / TipsJoin a guild and if you are lucky enough, guildmates may give ET runs for free. Or if you have a strong friend or get lucky on world chat then someone might be able to help you. You may be able to solo up to Floor 50 with decent gear (DPS character) or even higher if you are well equipped or with a slave priest.

2. Valhalla Ruins Run (Level 40, 60, 80 and 100)

LocationGuild Hall, Upper Left corner
Requirements40 Silver Medals per level
RewardsNibelungen Shards, Mini/MVP Materials and Friendship Tokens (if you run again with Guildmates)
Suggestions / TipsIt is recommended to run at least twice (2 weeks) to get 15 Nibelungen Shards for unlocking Tier 2 Aeisr Monument (Unlocking T2 gives you additional skill and runes for your class). After which, it really depends whether you wish to use your Silver Medals for Valhalla runs or to buy Peak Shards for job breakthrough. If you have extra Silver Medals to spare after buying Peak Shards then go ahead with Valhalla ruins since you can also buy 1 Peak Shard using 20 Nibelungen Shards.

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