5 Ways to Farm Efficiently in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

5 Ways to Farm Efficiently in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Farming is an essential part of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love as it allows you to earn zeny, get cards and materials required for equipment upgrades. In this guide, we will teach you some tips and tricks to farm efficiently.



You only have 300 mins of green stamina per day. Although your stamina can be increased, your green stamina will still be limited daily. To farm efficiently, you will need to aim to deal maximum possible damage and one-shot monsters which spawn quickly within your green stamina duration. Remember that farming efficiently does not necessarily mean you need to kill monsters within your level range, rather you need to aim to kill monsters as fast as possible to gain the most zeny and loots. There are 5 ways to that:

  1. Research on the monster you wish to target
  2. Increase your attack damage and speed
  3. Use Lightning Chain
  4. Use Skills or AOE Skills
  5. Buy Monthly Premium

Follow the guide below for more details and tips to farm efficiently!

Research on the monster you wish to target

A good place to start will be from a monster database such as ROGuard.

1. Aim for monsters which drop materials that sell well on the Exchange

Materials such as Hard Skin, Scell, Hand of God, Abyss Flowers etc. sell like hotcakes on the Exchange. Choose to target monsters that drop these materials.

2. Take note of the monster’s race, size and element

This information will be required to increase your damage which will be discussed in detail as you read on.

3. Aim for monsters which spawn quickly in groups

The time to move from one monster to another also eats up your Stamina. So make sure you aim for monsters that spawn quickly in groups to minimize your movement time. Some examples of monsters that spawn quickly in groups are Goblins, Eggyra, Munaks, Orcs, Kobolds, Anolians and Stings.

ragnarok mobile eternal love kobold farming spot

Increase your attack damage and speed

1. Eat Atk or M.Atk Cooked Food (Up to 6 Stacks)

Level up your taste level to increase the number of food stacks up to a maximum of 6 stacks. Remember to eat cooked food that can last more than the duration you decide to farm. For example, if you are going to farm for 360 mins using 3 Lightning Chains then eat cooked food that can last you at least 180 mins.

ragnarok mobile eternal love 192 minute food

2. Use Elemental Converters

Take note of the monster’s element and use a converter that the monster is weak against. This can increase your damage output significantly (by almost 2 times!)

3. Use A and/or B Meals

Use A or B Meals (Premium users can get a B Meal free every day) from the Food Merchant.

ragnarok mobile eternal love food merchant

You can use multiple of the same meals to increase the effect duration. Each meal you consume will increase the duration by 30 mins. For example, using 2 Dex Meal B’s will increase the effect duration to 60 mins. You can also use a different Meal such as Luk Meal A to increase Luk and Crit Rate.

However, you cannot stack the same meal type with A and B. For example, using a Dex Meal A after using Dex Meal B will REPLACE the effect of Dex Meal B.

4. Use Awakening Potions and Atk Alloys

Awakening Potions increase your attack speed and this can be stacked with Agi Meal A or B.

ragnarok mobile eternal love awakening potion

Slow and Rapid Atk Alloy increases your attack but they are not recommended unless you really need the extra damage as they are expensive.

ragnarok mobile eternal love slow atk alloy

These special alloys can only be crafted by Blacksmith and Whitesmiths and they can be bought from the Exchange.

5. Use Race, Size and Element Cards

Race Cards deal additional damage to a specific race. For example, Green Petite Card deals additional 20% damage to Dragon Monsters.

Size Cards deal additional damage to a specific size. There are 3 Monster Sizes Small, Medium and Large. The 3 very popular and expensive cards are Desert Wolf Card (+25% against Small Size), Skeleton Worker Card (+15% against Medium Size) and Minorous Card (+25% against Large Size).

Element Cards deal additional damage to a specific Element. For example, Vadon Card deals additional 15% damage to Fire Monsters. More on Element Cards can be found here.

Use Lightning Chain

Always use Lightning Chains when farming for double loots.

ragnarok mobile eternal love lightning chain

Refer to this guide for the explanation on using Lightning Chains.

Use Skills or AOE Skills

1. Use Skills

Skills cost SP but will significantly boost your damage. Using skills will allow you to one-shot monsters and save Stamina as it only takes a fraction of a second to kill it.

ragnarok mobile eternal love double strafe

2. Use AOE Skills

Classes such as Wizards and Whitesmiths can make use of AOE skills such as Meteor Storm (High Wizard Skill) to kill monsters that spawn in groups. Eggyras, Orcs, Kobolds and Anolians are good examples of such monsters. By using AOE skills, you kill 2 – 3 monsters with one-hit compared to other classes which kill 1 at a time. This almost doubles your farming efficiency.

ragnarok mobile eternal love meteor storm

3. Invest on Passive Skills

Certain classes such as Whitesmiths and Stalkers have passive skills that increase the amount of Zeny and loot dropped.

Skills such as Fund Raising (Merchant Skill) and Snatcher (Stalker Skill) increases the amount of Zeny gained from killing monsters.

ragnarok mobile eternal love snatcher skill

Skills such as Greed (Whitesmith Skill) and Rob (Rogue Skill) increases the amount of loot gained from killing monsters.

ragnarok mobile eternal love rob skill

Buy Monthly Premium

Monthly premium increases your drop rate by 33% and allows you unlimited usage of Lightning Chain. It can be bought using real cash or from the Exchange.

ragnarok mobile eternal love april 2019 premium

Tip: To save zeny, always save up and start snapping monthly premium from the Exchange on the 1st of every month. Monthly premium usually go on snapping period for the 1st week and starts at 1 million+. The price will increase gradually and usually hit 3 million or more from the 2nd week onward.


Zeny is king on Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, hence always save your Stamina for farming. Remember to use cooked foods, A and/or B meals, elemental converters and lightning chains to farm efficiently.

Do you have other tips to farm efficiently? Let us know in the comments below!

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