Pet Adventure Guide in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Pet Adventure Guide in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Pet Labor gives you items without having to do anything. Pet Adventure gives you even more! Sounds good isn’t it? Pet Adventure allows you to get loots, boss materials and cards without having to hunt them!

In this guide, we will teach you how to send your pets to Pet Adventure and boost your income without having to do anything!


How to unlock Pet Adventure?

1. Reach Base Level 30 and talk to the Pet NPC to catch your first pet

Once you reach base level 30, talk to the Pet NPC in Prontera South (just next to Music Box). The Pet NPC will teleport you to the Pet Training Grounds where you will be guided to catch your first pet, a Poring! Once you catch the Poring, give it a name and hatch it.

2. Raise Pet Intimacy to Level 3

Once you get your first poring, raise its Pet Intimacy to Level 3. You can raise Pet Intimacy by doing the following:

  1. Hatch your pet and let him follow you around
  2. “Pet” your pet
  3. Feed your pet cooked food
  4. Feed your pet his taming item (Limited to 10 times per day)

The easiest way is to buy an Unripe Apple from the Exchange and feed it to the Poring. Feeding your Poring 1 Unripe Apple should instantly get it to Intimacy Level 3.

How to send your Pets on Pet Adventure?

1. Select an Adventure

Open your Pet Adventure Guide from your inventory and Select an Adventure from the left.

ragnarok mobile eternal love pet adventure window

2. Choose a Pet to send

Next, choose a Pet to send. Take note that your pet needs to be at least the same level as the Pet Adventure Level and have Pet Intimacy Level 3.

ragnarok mobile eternal love pet adventure pet selection window

Unlocking a new Pet Adventure Area, will not cost you anything but you will be required to send the required number of Pets.

ragnarok mobile eternal love unlock new adventure area

Sending your Pet to an unlocked Pet Adventure Area will consume 60 mins of Stamina regardless of the number of Pets you send. Each Pet that you send will cost you 5 Adventure Meatballs so if you send 2 Pets that will cost you 10 Adventure Meatballs.

Tip: You do not have to send the maximum number of Pets required by the Adventure Area in order to start it. You can save meatballs by sending just 1 Pet.

3. Check for rare chests requirement

In order to collect rare chests, you will have to fulfil the requirements on the right. Some of these requirements include:

  • A specific pet (e.g. Yoyo or Savage Bebe etc.)
  • A minimum intimacy level (e.g. Pet Intimacy Level 5)
  • A specific pet tribe

Fulfilling each of these requirements will guarantee you a rare chest. If you fulfil 3 requirements, that will give you 3 rare chests!

Tip: You do not have to send one pet for each requirement. You can send 1 pet that fulfils 2 requirements in order to save meatballs. For example, a requirement that states Desert Wolf Baby and Pet Intimacy Level 5. If you have a Pet Desert Wolf Baby with Pet Intimacy Level 5 then you fulfil both using just 1 pet!

ragnarok mobile eternal love rare chest requirement

4. Start the Adventure and wait for 60 mins to collect your rewards

Once you have done all of the above and are ready to start the Pet Adventure, simply tap on “Adventure start” and a 60 mins timer will countdown.

Tip: Make sure to double check that you select the correct Adventure Area, Monster to target and Pet to send. Once you start your Adventure your Stamina will be consumed instantly and there is no way to cancel it!

ragnarok mobile eternal love pet adventure start

After 60 mins, collect your rewards! If you are lucky, you might just end up with a headwear blueprint or even a card!

ragnarok mobile eternal love pet adventure claim reward

What are rare chests and what do they contain?

Different Pet Adventure Areas contain different rare chests. For example, an Adventure Area in Prontera will contain a Prontera Adventure Chest. You can check what these rare chests contain by tapping on the icon.

ragnarok mobile eternal love rare chest description

These rare chests give you rare materials dropped by bosses, Pet Exp potions and colorful shells!

What are Pet Tribes and Pet Attributes?

Pet tribes are basically the race of a Pet and Pet Attributes are the element of a Pet. At higher level Adventure Areas, some requirements will need you to fulfil a specific Pet Tribe or Pet Tribe in order to get a rare chest.

To check the Pet Tribe or Attribute, simply tap on your Pet’s icon when you select your pet during Pet Adventure.

ragnarok mobile eternal love pet tribes and attributes

Tip: Take note that not all Pet Tribes are available yet and will be released in future episodes so there are some requirements that cannot be fulfilled at this point of time, for example Fish Tribe.

You may refer to the monster database at ROGuard for more pet races and elements.

How to target specific monsters in Pet Adventure?

By default, Pet Adventure will target all monsters available in the particular Adventure Area that you select. This will allow you to get all loots from all the available monsters targeted in that area. To see which are the monsters being targeted, tap on the Monster’s icon in the Pet Adventure Window.

ragnarok mobile eternal love specific monster selection

You can select a specific monster to target and that will allow you to get the loots specifically dropped by that monster only. Rare chests are unaffected as long as you fulfil the rare chest requirements.

ragnarok mobile eternal love specific monster selection

Monster selection is useful if you are aiming to get a card from a specific monster. Selecting a specific monster will focus the card drop on only that monster.

Tips and Tricks for Pet Adventure

  1. Use Pet Adventure for obtaining materials and cards for monsters that level gap penalty have set in as the drop rate in Pet Adventure is dependent only on your Pet Level and Intimacy not your Base Level.
  2. Create alt characters (2nd and 3rd character) in your account and use them for Pet Adventures. You can share the loots such as cards and rare chests you get from Pet Adventures to your main through Shared Storage (you have to be Base Level 40 to access shared storage. Refer to our leveling spots guide and you will get there easily).


Pets are one of the best investments you can make in the game as they provide you with a good source of passive income especially if you do not have time to play. Pet Adventures are a good way to obtain rare boss materials, headgear blueprints and cards. Use your characters for Pet Adventures if you do not have time to auto-grind so that you do not waste your daily Stamina.

Which rare card did you manage to get from Pet Adventures? Let us know in the comments below!

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