New King Poring Cards in Episode 4.0

New King Poring Cards in Episode 4.0

With the release of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Episode 4.0 just around the corner, everyone is rushing to buy materials from the Exchange for 3rd class job change and new cards which will be released!

In this guide, we list out the new cards in Episode 4.0 that can be crafted by King Poring’s Haute Couture. Some of the Card prices are already on snapping period and we expect there will be a spike in prices once Episode 4.0 is released.


New King Poring Card List in Episode 4.0

These are the cards that can be crafted from King Poring in Episode 4.0:

  • Leader’s Demeanor Card
  • Enchant Deadly Poison Card
  • Telepathy Amplification Card
  • Water Monster Card
  • Andre★Card
  • Marionette★Card
  • Familiar★Card
  • Golem★Card
  • Muka★Card
  • Yoyo★Card

Disclaimer: The card names, effects and bonuses have been translated from CN Server (Credits to ROGuard) and may be different once Episode 4.0 is released. We will update this post should there be any changes.

CardSlotEffectUnlock/Deposit BonusCrafting Ingredients & Cost
Leader's Demeanor CardArmor[Lord's Aura] increases Atk of whole Party by +8% Unlock: Max HP +112
Deposit: If Leadership Card is equipped, [Lord's Aura] increase Atk of whole Party by +2%
1x Orc Warrior Card
1x Bigfoot Card
1x Khalitzburg Card
800x Gram Dust
2,000,000 Zeny
Enchant Deadly Poison CardOff-Hand[Poisoning Weapon]'s [New Poison] cost -1Unlock: M.Def +4.5
Deposit: Max HP +72
1x Argiope Card
1x Poison Spore Card
1x Marc Card
1x Thief Bug Card
200x Gram Dust
1,500,000 Zeny
Telepathy Amplification CardOff-Hand+20% Ghost Attack for 5s after using [White Imprison]Unlock: Def +4.5
Deposit: Max HP +72
1x Marionette Card
1x Familiar Card
1x Rideword Card
1x Willow Card
200x Gram Dust
1,500,000 Zeny
Water Monster CardOff-HandWater Dmg Taken -5%
Damage to Fire Monsters +10%
Unlock: Def +3
Deposit: M.Def +3
1x Vadon Card
1x Horong Card
1x Greatest General Card
80x Gram Dust
100,000 Zeny
Andre★CardHeadgearPen. +3%
Ignores Def +3% when STR or DEX reaches 225
Unlock: Def +6
Deposit: M.Atk +12
10x Andre Card
600x Gram Dust
1,500,000 Zeny
Marionette★CardFootgearGhost Dmg Taken -10%
Ghost Atk +5%
Unlock: Atk +8
Deposit: Max HP +72
5x Marionette Card
200x Gram Dust
500,000 Zeny
Familiar★CardFootgearM.Atk +3%
M.Atk +20
Unlock: M.Def +6
Deposit: Atk +12
10x Familiar Card
600x Gram Dust
1,500,000 Zeny
Golem★CardArmorPhy Dmg Reduc. +8%
Max HP +500
Unlock: Max HP +60
Deposit: Max HP +72
5x Golem Card
300x Gram Dust
500,000 Zeny
Muka★CardGarmentMagic Reduc. +8%
Max SP +200
Unlock: Max HP +60
Deposit: Def +4.5
5x Muka Card
300x Gram Dust
500,000 Zeny
Yoyo★CardHeadgearAgi +3
Cri +3
Unlock: Max HP +30
Deposit: Def +3
5x Yoyo Card
150x Gram Dust
100,000 Zeny

Some of the cards listed above are class specific and for new 3rd class skills such as:

  • [Poisoning Weapon] – Guillotine Cross Skill
  • [White Imprison] – Warlock Skill

A good way to obtain the Card Ingredients for Crafting will be through Pet Adventure. Or if you wish, you can simply buy the Cards from the Exchange.

How to get Gram Dust?

Gram dust can be obtained from King Poring’s Card Decomposition. White, green, blue and purple cards gives you different amount of Gram Dust. You may refer to our King Poring’s Guide on Card Decomposition for more details.

Tip: The amount of Gram Dust obtained is based on card colour so remember to buy the cheapest card for each colour on the Exchange for Card Decomposition!

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