Kafra Co.’s Labor Day (May 2019 Event)

Kafra Co.’s Labor Day (May 2019 Event)

In conjunction with Labor Day for the month of May 2019, Kafra Co. celebrates Kafra Co.’s Labor Day! Throughout the events this month, you can receive Kafra Blessing GiftBox and Kafra Emblem to exchange for rewards. In this guide, we list down the events in chronological order so that you do not miss out on any of them!


Events List

29 April: Kafra’s Encouragement. Receive 3x “Kafra Blessing GiftBox” as reward. Claim from in-game mailbox.

02 May – 09 May: Complete Time Rift daily to receive 1x “Kafra Blessing GiftBox”.

02 May – 16 May: Kafra Co. – Sign-in Mission. Look for NPC “Ophelia” in Prontera Square. Complete 5 quests in “Kafra Labor’s Day” mission and receive 5x “Kafra Blessing GiftBox”. Receive “Glories Harvest Blueprint” as extra reward after completing 5th quest.

09 May – 16 May: Kafra Stealing Incident – Instance. Look for NPC “Clarice” in Prontera Square. Receive 1x “Kafra Blessing GiftBox” after finishing the “Kafra Farm” instance daily.

09 May – 16 May: Kafra Co.’s Appreciation – Refine Discount. Zeny cost for refining at Prontera and Juno will be discounted.

16 May – 23 May [12:00PM to 1:00PM] & [6:00PM to 7:00PM] (GMT +7): Kafra Co.’s Enemy – Loot.  Kill invaders at Prontera North to receive “Kafra Emblem” as drops.

16 May – 23 May: Guild Donation – Double Rewards. First character that donates to Guild daily will receive double rewards.

16 May – 30 May: Gachapon Feast – Costume Monster Pajamas. 10x chance to draw Costume Monster Pajamas.

23 May – 30 May: Guild Facility upgrades will increase by 50% and personal rewards will increase by 50%.

B Coin Store

09 May – 16 May: “Hollgrehenn’s Appreciation” on sale for 15 BCC. “Steward Cat’s Blessing” on sale for 20 BCC.

23 May – 30 May: “Wonderful Time GiftBox” on sale for 12 BCC.

Kafra’s Blessing GiftBox

Opening the Kafra’s Blessing GiftBox will give you:

  • 10x Kafra Emblem
  • 2x Mora Coin
  • 10% chance of receiving 1x Cersei’s Memory Blueprint

Cersei’s Memory Blueprint

The Cersei’s Memory Blueprint is an exclusive item that can only be obtained from Kafra’s Blessing GiftBox. You can also buy it from the Exchange.

The stats, unlock and deposit bonus for the Cersei’s Memory Blueprint:

  • Stats: Luk +5, Attack Spd +5%
  • Unlock Bonus: M.Atk +3, Max HP +30
  • Deposit Bonus: Atk +3, Max HP +30

Kafra Emblem Shop

kafra emblem shop

Kafra Emblem Shop will be available from 01 May – 15 June. For more details, refer to our guide: How to obtain Kafra Emblem to redeem all rewards?

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