How to obtain Kafra Emblem to redeem all rewards?

How to obtain Kafra Emblem to redeem all rewards?

To celebrate Labor Day, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love has launched Kafra Co.’s Labor Day Event. Throughout the month, you can collect Kafra Emblem to redeem items from the Kafra Emblem Shop.


Kafra Emblem Shop

Here is a list of items which you can redeem using Kafra Emblem. To open the shop, just use the item.

Gold Medal2010200
Adventure Meatball299198
Eden Coin19999
Seed of Mastela25375
Oracle Dust1012120
Oracle Crystal1512180
Food Voucher1510150
Kafra Teleport Ticket19999

In order to redeem all the items from the Kafra Emblem Shop, you require a total of 1,121 Kafra Emblem.

Where to obtain Kafra Emblem item?

1. From Kafra Blessing GiftBox

Opening the Kafra Blessing GiftBox will give you a random chance of obtaining Kafra Emblem, Mora Coin and Cersei’s Memory Blueprint.

The Kafra Blessing GiftBox can be obtained from the following events:

29 April: Kafra’s Encouragement, receive 3x Kafra Blessing GiftBox as reward. Claim from in-game mailbox.

02 May – 09 May: Complete Time Rift daily to receive 1x Kafra Blessing GiftBox.

02 May – 16 May: Kafra Co. – Sign-in Mission. Complete 5 quests in “Kafra Labor’s Day” mission and receive 5x Kafra Blessing GiftBox. Receive Glories Harvest Blueprint as an extra reward after completing 5th quest.

09 May – 16 May: Kafra Stealing Incident – Instance. Receive 1x “Kafra Blessing GiftBox” after finishing the instance daily.

If you complete all the events above, you should be able to receive a total of 24 Kafra Blessing GiftBox which will give you a total of 240 Kafra Emblem.

2. Kafra Co.’s Enemy Loot Event

Date: 16 May – 23 May
Time: 12:00PM to 1:00PM and 6:00PM to 7:00PM (GMT +7)
Location: Prontera North

The Kafra Co.’s Enemy Loot Event runs from 16 May – 23 May and is only available at 2 timeslots daily at 12:00PM to 1:00PM and 6:00PM to 7:00PM (GMT +7). During this event, invaders will appear randomly at Prontera North. Kill the invaders to receive Kafra Emblem as drops.

As with other events, make sure you save up some green stamina from your daily grinding and make use of Lightning Chain (x2 drops) to loot Kafra Emblem since it works like normal drops.

However, take note that you can only obtain a maximum of 400 Kafra Emblem daily so if you have already collected 400 during the first time slot then you can skip the later time slot and wait for the next day.

We do not know the drop rate of Kafra Emblem at the moment but assuming you collect 400 Kafra Emblem per day, you only require 3 days during this event to redeem all the rewards from the Kafra Emblem Shop!

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