Kafra Stealing Incident – Daily Quest (Unwelcome Guest)

Kafra Stealing Incident – Daily Quest (Unwelcome Guest)

The Kafra Stealing Incident – Instance Daily Quest starts today 09 May 2019. Complete the quest daily to obtain 1x Kafra Blessing GiftBox. The quest is very simple.

Look for NPC “Clarice” at Prontera Spring to start the quest.

You will be teleported to the next map where you have to kill all the Kafra Farm Invaders (Monsters that look like Giearth).

Set to auto-attack the invaders and you should be able to clear off all the invaders. The invaders appear only on both the rice fields on the left and right. Do not tap on any Kafra Lady Employee or you will have to restart the quest.

Once you kill off all the invaders, you will be teleported back to Prontera. Return to Clarice and you will be rewarded with 1x Kafra Blessing GiftBox.

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