Savage Adventure (June 2019 Event)

Savage Adventure (June 2019 Event)

It’s the time of the month again and there are some new events planned for June 2019! Help Ollie the Savage Babe get through his rebellious phase and you will be rewarded. Throughout the month, you can obtain Ollie’s Lucky Giftbox and Piglet Badge to exchange for rewards. In this guide, we list down the events in chronological order so that you do not miss out on any of them!


Events List

01 June – 08 June: Growing Pains – Login Event. Complete this 5 day quest to receive 5x “Ollie’s Lucky Giftbox”. Receive “Piglet Doll Hat Blueprint” as an extra reward after completing the 5th quest.

06 June – 13 June: Mission Board – 2x Rewards. First character that complete missions from the mission board will receive 2x rewards. Receive “Piglet Badge” and “Magical Zongzi” after completing 10 mission board quests.

06 June – 12 June [12:00PM to 1:00PM] & [6:00PM to 7:00PM] (GMT +7): Dragonboat Festival Event – Invasion of the Sticky Rice Puppets.  Kill the Sticky Rice Puppet invadors at Payon Forest to receive “Piglet Badge” as drops. There is also a chance to receive “Zongzi Babe Blueprint”.

20 June – 24 June: Visit the Savage Babe family. Go to Payon to find the Savage Babe family. Complete this daily quest to receive “Piglet Badge” and “Ollie’s Treasure Map”.

24 June – 01 July: Endless Tower – 2x Rewards. First character that clears Endless Tower for the first time will receive 2x rewards.

B Coin Store

10 June – 19 June: “Ollie Thanksgiving Giftbox” on sale for 15 BCC.

24 June – 01 July: “Ollie’s Treasure Giftbox” on sale for 30 BCC.

Fantasy Generator Feast

13 June – 27 June: “Moonlight Fairy Tale” Costume Series will be available at the Fantasy Generator Feast.

Ollie’s Lucky Giftbox

ollie lucky giftbox

Opening the Ollie’s Lucky Giftbox will give you:

  • 30x Piglet Badge

And a chance to receive one of the following:

  • 2x Oracle Dust
  • 2x Oracle Crystal (Shown as Heavenly Crystal in-game, I suppose it is a mis-translation?)
  • 1x Praying Card Pack (Shown as Praying Crystal Pack in-game, I suppose it is a mis-translation?)
  • 1x Seed of Mastela
  • 1x Gold Medal
  • 1x Valkyrie’s Gift

Piglet Badge Shop

The Piglet Badge Shop will be available from 01 June – 15 July. For more details, refer to our guide: How to obtain Piglet Badge to redeem all rewards?

piglet badge shop

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